Brandon Morris Scholarship

Brandon Morris Scholarship


Brandon is an 18 year old senior at Bangor High School. Brandon is an enthusiastic, loving, and active student who plays on the High School football team and volunteers in his community. Brandon is also a cancer survivor.

"Never give up. You have three choices when you’re diagnosed. Give in. Give up. Or you can just keep going."

At the young age of seven, Brandon was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma in his leg, a rare bone cancer that targets children. Amputation is common with Ewing’s sarcoma which was Brandon's biggest fear. Insisting a on a childhood filled with baseball games and bike rides with his brother, amputation was not an option. It was with this strength and vision that Brandon, his family, and medical team decided to perform a procedure that had only been done in one other case in the country. The medical team at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, ME removed the top 9 inches of his immature thighbone and implanted an innovative, spring-loaded metal rod. [Learn More Here]

For the past ten years Brandon has continued living a life filled with adventure, passion, and as most teenagers might, sports! Over these years, Brandon's outgoing personality has lead him to build some of his strongest relationships with patients and caregivers. Unfortunately, some of these friends have lost their battle and are no longer with us. In 2018, Brandon hopes to use this Scholarship Fund to continue supporting those impacted by cancer in the Bangor area. 

Application Process - Apply Here

|Application Closes March 31st, 2018|


The Brandon Morris Scholarship awards a $500 scholarship to a graduating Bangor High School student, who has been impacted by cancer. To apply for the scholarship, please review the qualifications below:

  • -Bangor High School 2018 graduate
  • -Shared passions with Brandon Morris
  • -Demonstrated resilience by overcoming the burden of cancer
  • (Applicant can be a cancer patient, survivor, or caregiver)

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