Portland, ME - New York, NY - June 18 - June 24, 2017

Show your support and come out to cheer the team on at arrival & send off!

Send Off: Portland, ME

When: On June 18th, please arrive by 8:30am. Runners will be departing by 9am.
Where: East End Beach, in Portland, ME, off the Eastern Promenade.
Happenings: Meet the team, learn more about the Christine B. Foundation and ETC, share your passion and connection to the cause, and send the runners on their way to New York City with a smile!

Arrival: New York City, NY

When: On June 24th, please arrive by 12pm. Runners will be arriving between 1 and 2pm.

Where: Pier 45, New York, NY

Happenings: Cheer on the team as they complete their final steps to the 300 mile trek, and join the celebration in NYC!

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In just one week a group of young adults will complete a 300+ mile relay run from Portland, ME to New York, NY, all while connecting the cancer community. Each runner will directly impact the cancer community, travel somewhere new everyday and be part of a motivated team who will conquer hundreds of miles on foot!

ETC strives to accommodate for the busy summer months yet still empower young adults to run through their limits and make a difference in the cancer community, in just 7 days.

The Christine B. Foundation organizes this team of young adults, ages 18-26, to raise awareness and funds for their mission. CBF is taking strides to strengthen cancer care in Maine with a comprehensive approach to all affected by cancer. 

Whether you are a new or experienced runner, you will be guided through the training in's-and-outs months before send off to be comfortable and ready for the trek. It all starts with the motivation to make a difference with a team of your peers! 

Each 'trekker' runs in 2-3 miles portions, totaling anywhere from 7-12 miles each day. With a rest day in the middle of the week and plenty of down time, you'll be able to accomplish this incredible journey.

Impact: During the event, your team will organize service events at local cancer centers, hands out Comfort Bags at local cancer centers, and awards college scholarships to students affected by cancer. Eastern Trek for Cancer provides so many different experiences that all embrace our mission to provide social, educational, and financial support.

What it takes: The hardest part is telling yourself that you CAN do it. Once you are placed on the team, CBF staff and your team will be working on the best way to train, fundraise, and make the most of the 7 days on the road. Each runner is required to raise $2,000 in the months prior to the run. You will not be alone in this! What makes the best ETC participants are individuals who believe in supporting the cancer community and want to have hands on experience in doing so. Running is important to make this event possible, but you do not have to be an experienced runner to participate!

Why Sign Up Now?From the day you apply until send off weekend, we want to make your new team as strong as possible! The true work behind this event occurs in the months prior through outreach, fundraising, and team building. The reward, however, is a 7 day emotional adventure with young adults who were once strangers, but are now as close as your best friend. 

Please visit our ETC FAQ’s or email with any question/concern.

This 7-day relay run from Portland, ME to New York, NY can only happen with your selfless dedication, so what are you waiting for?

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