Relay Run | Portland, ME - New York, NY | June 24 - 30, 2018

Join a group of young adults pledging to make a difference in the cancer community summer 2018!

Become A Trekker

Trek Highlights:

  • -Leave your footprints on part of the 300+ mile route between Maine and New York
  • -Visit cancer centers to provide hope and support
  • -Challenge yourself both physically and mentally

This 7-day relay run is an adventure that challenges runners to step outside their comfort zone, push their limits, and make memories. Whether you are a new or experienced runner, you will be guided through the training in's-and-out's months before send off to be comfortable and ready for the trek. It all starts with the motivation to make a difference with a team of your peers! Learn more about the application process, logistics, and fundraising here! Please email with further questions.

1. Apply - 2. Join - 3. Advocate - 4. Fundraise - 5. Train - 6. TREK

The Christine B. Foundation organizes this team of young adults, ages 18-26, to raise awareness and funds for their mission. CBF is taking strides to strengthen cancer care in Maine with a comprehensive approach to all impacted by cancer. Learn more about the application process, logistics, and fundraising here! Please email with further questions.