Internship Position:

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Board of Directors:

Board Member CBF is developing innovative ways to support the cancer community, collaborate with existing public organizations, and build sustainable programs in Eastern/Central Maine. By actively seeking Maine community members, CBF hopes to better represent the community, strengthen operations, and use experience and passion to grow the mission. Currently, CBF is embarking on a large capital campaign, growing the Eastern Trek for Cancer fundraising program, implementing support programs in Bangor, and building awareness throughout Maine.


Service Provider - CBF is seeking passionate members of the greater Bangor community, to use their talent in counseling, healing touch, nutrition, massage therapy, fitness/wellness, behavioral health, &/or activism to join the CBF team and help others who have been impacted by cancer. 

Comfort Bag Committee - Throughout the year, CBF hand delivers comfort bags throughout Eastern/Central Maine to cancer centers. These bags bring patients receiving treatment hope, comfort, and an outlet to receive unconditional support while CBF volunteers are there.  

Remote Positions:

Eastern Trek for Cancer Ambassador:

If you're in college, an ETC alumni, or passionate about the Eastern Trek for Cancer program, you can help the program grow! CBF is looking for motivated volunteers to become ETC Ambassadors to advocate and spread awareness of the program through their community. 


However you are involved with the cancer community whether it is through a personal connection, you are a caregiver/doctor, or volunteer you have a story. CBF is seeking writers to blog about exercise, nutrition, travel, relationships, or treatment and how it plays into the cancer journey. Blogs range from 200+ words and are shared on the CBF website.

Interested in learning more? Please email Matt Dexter, CBF Executive Director, at matt@chrisbfund.org. 

Thank You!