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A cancer diagnosis can be a whirlwind of emotions, especially for the person diagnosed. Sometimes, it may seem like it is hard to figure out what they need but sometimes, all they need is some support during the initial diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment stages.

Below are some simple ways you can help a loved one with cancer:


An ear to listen can be what a cancer patient needs. Perhaps, they need to bounce ideas off of someone or just need someone to listen as they speak.

Offering your time and presence can make the difference in the day of someone dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Offer To Help Itemize To-Do Lists

After the diagnosis is made, the many next steps involved in cancer treatments and post-treatment can seem like one big daunting pile–on top of just day to day living and responsibilities.

Offering to help pay the bills, cook meals, outreach to local cancer centers, or research treatments can be a great way to help take some of the pressure off the cancer patient who is already dealing with enough stress.

If you cannot physically help with the actual to-do lists, then simply making them based on the logical next steps could help make the steps seem more manageable for your loved one.

Involve Yourself in Daily Activities With The Patient

Sometimes, you just need a friend to be present. Maybe your loved one likes going for a daily walk, a drive, or enjoys some sort of relaxing hobby like yoga.

Involving yourself and taking a vested interest in your loved one may make them feel less alone and like they have a buddy while they are being treated and post-treatment.

Be In Attendance For Appointments (When You Can)

One of the bigger and scarier steps of cancer treatment is the treatment and appointments that come with it. Your loved one may feel scared or unwell after treatments so knowing a loved one is waiting either right beside them or in the waiting room can take a lot of burden off of them and hopefully make them feel more at peace.

Be An Advocate

While your loved one affected by cancer will love having someone to take care of them, it may also mean a lot for you to care for others affected as well.

What is meant by that is simply being an advocate for your loved one and many others affected by cancer. Fundraising, awareness building, and taking interest in learning about the care and outlook for the cancer type your loved one is affected by are great ways to care for your loved one and many others out there who may not have a voice.

These are just a few simple ways you can care for loved ones with cancer. Visit to learn how you can continue to help those affected by cancer.

Post Author: Sarah DeGeorge

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