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Nutrition is important to all individuals but especially during a cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

Not only may your appetite change but you may find certain types of food harder to tolerate depending on the treatment you received and cancer you had been diagnosed with.

With this in mind, it is imperative that as a cancer survivor, you are putting nutrition at the forefront of your recovery. Nutrition gives yourself and your body the energy to continue to heal after any treatment and may also allow your body to regain some normalcy over time.

The top reasons nutrition is important for cancer patients are:

-Physical recovery from cancer
-Nutrition gives the body and cells added energy to continue to fight off cancer cells in unison with treatment
-Nutrition helps keep blood sugars and other vital processes functioning correctly
-Proper nutrition can aid against mood changes which may come from a drop in nutrients within the body, leading to feeling worn out or depressed.

Below are some quick tips when it comes to ensuring nutrition continues once treated:

Create a meal plan based on dietary needs

You will want to consult your physician when it comes to what nutrition may be what you specifically need in your diet post-treatment but creating a meal plan will allow you to put less focus on the planning of the meals and more focus on other activities and simply healing after treatment.

You can plan a few days in advance or even a week and can work with a loved one or nurse who is put in charge of your care to gather ingredients and get meals prepared.

Ask for help from friends and family

If meal planning may not be available to you or takes up too much time, if you have the availability of friends and family, enlisting them for a meal or two each week can ensure nutrition and regular meals are still a part of your weekly routine.

Organizing with loved ones on what they will provide as you recover can be a great collaborative way to create a nutritional plan while also involving those you love (and who love you) in the process.

Ask for help from local organizations

If you are not near friends or family, reaching out to local organizations focused on nutrition assistance may be a way to ensure a meal is provided for you without you needing to worry about planning it or heading out to buy the products you need to make the meals.

There are local organizations in most towns that focus on ensuring those who may be going through any health problems are provided nutritious meals daily or as needed. A quick internet search or phone call may be able to direct you in the right direction based on your needs as your recover from cancer treatments.

These are a few quick tips on receiving proper nutrition once diagnosed with cancer or after treatments.

The Christine B. Foundation hopes to provide meals and span across the 11,500 square miles of Eastern Maine. This can help provide cancer patients with the nutrition they need to allow them to heal and spend time focusing on recovery.

To learn more about the developing program and how it will benefit the Eastern Maine cancer community, visit

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