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Cancer can be such a scary word to those who receive a diagnosis. But, it can also be scary for loved ones and those who have been affected by a cancer diagnosis.

Sometimes, the best way to help is to give back to the community if you are looking for a way to become involved and work towards a better future for cancer patients and survivors.

Below are three easy ways you can begin helping the cancer community today.


Donations can truly help nonprofits and organizations looking to fund cancer research, provide monetary assistance to cancer patients, or to be able to provide any other forms of support.

Donating to both local and national cancer platforms can help the micro (your local area) and macro (the nation) when it comes to finding ways to help others with cancer and perhaps work towards a future when cancer research has made bigger strides to to the generosity of others.

Get Involved

Involvement could mean many things with cancer. It could mean being a helping hand for someone who is diagnosed to drive them to appointments or just provide comfort to them in their home. Involvement can also mean being a part of a cancer board or non-profit that helps those affected by cancer.

No form of involvement is too small and every form is appreciated by all those affected by cancer.

Be A Cancer Advocate

Advocating for cancer funding, research, and awareness can be the simplest form of solidarity for those affected.

Being a part of a cancer walk, providing resources to those who may not understand cancer treatments and what is involved, and being a voice for those who are affected by cancer are all great ways to advocate for improved treatments, better outlooks, and can truly make those affected and their loved ones feel like people are looking out for them during hard times.

These are just three of the ways you can help someone affected by cancer. Want to add an idea to our list? Leave a comment below.

For more information on how you can support the Eastern Maine cancer community such as donating or volunteering, please visit to learn more on how you can get involved.

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